Automatic notifications about new documents and personalization of selected content in FORDATA VDR

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Automatic notifications

During the process an initial set of shared documents is frequently updated by adding new files every few days or weeks. To spare users having to check whether new documents appeared in the VDR every day, FORDATA implemented automatic notifications.
Each day our system checks whether during the last day any user group was granted access to any new files. If so, users will receive a proper notification – where and how many documents have been added to the existing repository.
User may decide that he/she no longer wishes to receive those notifications and deactivate those via an intuitive menu. When access to the system is denied – the notifications will also  be automatically deactivated. That mechanism allows to keep 100% of confident information available only to these users who still participate in the process.

System personalization

With a new tab, Project Manager will be able to create selected content appearing in the VDR. Starting with a confidentiality agreement, invitations and automatic notifications, and ending with  watermark settings.
Personalization of selected texts will help to better adjust the system to specifics of a project.

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