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VDR’s aim was to make the Due Diligence process more effective.


“F5 Consulting Sp. z o.o., company specializing in strategic and M&A consulting had a real pleasure to cooperate with a FORDATA (formerly Datapoint) team while organizing Virtual Data Room for privatization of PNI Sp. z o.o.

VDR’s aim was to make the Due Diligence process more effective.

Using the VDR tool enabled us to organize and carry out the process far more smoothly and effectively comparing to traditional methods. Virtual Data Room provided expected level of security with regards to shared  files. What is more, it gave F5 Consulting, the Client and PKP SA the opportunity to influence, in an active way, the range of shared  files and generate reports about the activity of specific investors.

Our team agreed that Virtual Data Room is a tool which is intuitive, user friendly and easy to work with.

We also  highly value the professionalism of FORDATA team, which guaranteed satisfactory cooperation.

It  is our pleasure to  recommend VDR provided by FORDATA to all our clients to be implemented on other projects carried out by F5 Consulting.”

F5 Consulting Sp. z o.o. is a company which provides professional consulting services. It specializes in business consulting combined with effective acquisition and application for structural funds from the European Union, as well as trainings. Among F5 Consulting clients we can find leaders of key economy sectors as well as SME’s and institutions of public administration.

Jolanta Jackowiak Vice CEO F5 Konsulting sp. z o.o.
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