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To meet customer expectations FORDATA VDR  developed a new advanced feature i.e. Full-text search.

Now, apart from the possibility of searching for specific documents within a set of files, users have the possibility to look for key phrases within documents without opening them!

The new feature will speed up the process of finding desired information and improve user efficiency of the work in the system.

After typing a particular key word/phrase in the provided search box, the system will generate a list of files containing the phrase. You can also open selected documents enumerated on the search result list.

The mechanism recognizes Polish characters, therefore we can precisely search for words such as “Załącznik”, “Nieruchomość” and “Postępowania sądowe”.

To learn more about new features offered by FORDATA do not hesitate to contact us (+48 61 660 15 10, biuro@fordata.pl)  and test the new functionality in a free trial version.

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