Premier services

FORDATA offers a wide range of additional services, which meet the typical needs that may appear during implementation of a transactional processes.

Document scanning

Scanning a vast amounts of files, in different formats, including not conventional ones, can make your project logistically complicated and time consuming. Services for files organization and digitalization offered by FORDATA will speed up documents preparation and automate the process of uploading. Scanning might take place in one of our scanning centers or in client’s headquarters.

Translations of documents

Translation services are performed by our partner, Polish market leading translation agency specializing in legal, financial and banking translations. Translations can be ordered for the entire set of files shared within a Data Room or only for selected individual documents at every stage of a process.

Files conversion

In order to guarantee the highest level of security of files shared within the Data Room, FORDATA offers conversion services , from files in Word, Excel, JPG and other formats, to PDF, which is protected to the highest degree.

Optimization of big files

Optimization (changing size) and splitting big files into smaller ones are performed in order to shorten time of uploading and opening documents and thus, to increase comfort for users of our application.

Verification of the quality

Verification of the quality of documents is to check all or only selected key documents in terms of quality, readability, text orientation and scan quality. Services may also include the so-called sensitive text-whitening (name of the contractor, the amount of the contract, etc.)

DVD Archive

At every stage of the transaction, we are ready to provide you with a complete and compatible copy of your Data Room (documents, reports) on an encrypted DVD or other encrypted drive. It is a standard expected in case of mergers and acquistions. The disc is usually an attachment to an investment agreement in the event of any dispute in the future.

Interested in learning more? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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