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Budimex SA

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Cenimy sobie, że specjalnie na potrzeby naszego projektu, FORDATA wprowadziło unikatowe zmiany w module Questions & Answers, dzięki czemu posiadaliśmy pełną swobodę komunikacji dostosowaną do warunków prowadzonego procesu.

Budimex SA cooperated with FORDATA sp. z o.o. (formerly Mergers Net sp. z o.o.) during the process of seeking an Investor for the subsidiary company, Danwood Sp. z o.o. The process resulted in the sale of Danwood to Barwick Investments, company owned by Enterprise Investors. The total value of the transactions accounted for 238,6 mln pln.

In this process FORDATA was a provider of the Virtual Data Room. VDR FORDATA tool allow for efficient execution of the transaction. During the Due Diligence phase, investors and their advisors were able to access all documents online, which increased the efficiency of the process and guaranteed the highest comfort of working. It is of particular importance that the FORDATA VDR system assured high safety standards in relation to all shared, confidential documents.

In our opinion, FORDATA team is extremely customer-oriented. We do appreciate the fact that Datapoint developed unique changes in the Questions&Answers module especially designed for our project. Thus, we had the freedom of communication tailored to the specific conditions of the ongoing process.

It is also worth mentioning that at each stage of the project the FORDATA team offered the highest level of support, both, in terms of the application management and technical support. What characterizes the team, is their high professionalism.


Budimex SA has been operating for over 40 years now, and examples of its work may be seen in several dozen countries across three continents. Company deals with implementation of building investments and services for the sustainable development of the economy and society with respect for the natural environment, ethical principles, caring about customer satisfaction

Danwood Ltd is a major European consortium which specialises in the design, factory pre-fabrication and on-site construction of exceptionally high quality and energy-efficient timber frame houses to a fixed-price, guaranteed timetable of just eight to ten weeks.

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