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home.pl sp. z o.o.

Saski Partners sp z o.o. sp.k. cooperated with FORDATA sp. z o.o. (formerly Mergers Net sp. z o.o.) with regards to the creation of a Virtual Data Room (VDR) in sale of home.pl sp.j., a leading provider of hosting-domain services in Poland.

Basing on our experience regarding this transaction, it appears that the use of electronic Data Room shortens Company’s investigation significantly, raises its effectiveness and provides security of uploaded data.  At the same time VDR allows to  invite more potential investors and broadens the geographical range without bearing additional costs.

A remarkable advantage of the VDR is the fact that it is offered as a service, it doesn’t require extra costs spent on  IT infrastructure, its implementation and onsite trainings.

FORDATA guarantees flexibility of document management performed by the Advisor and the Client, provides constant technical support together with operational one regarding proper folder and document structure, as well as roles and access rights for specific groups of users.

We think that virtual data room is currently an essential part of each transaction’s Due Diligence. It guarantees transparency and ease while managing buy/sell processes’.

Home.pl exists since 1997 and is the biggest provider of Internet services for small and medium companies in Central-Eastern Europe. The Company specializes in online services hosting, electronic mail accounts and facilitating business application via Internet.  More than one million users is currently using Company’s services.

Saski Partners is a leading independent corporate finance advisory firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions advisory, as well as helping in organizing equity and debt  financing. The firm is also advising companies on financial restructuring,  development of financial strategies and valuations. The Company provides its services in Poland and other countries from Central-Eastern Europe.

Tomasz Pasiewicz Partner home.pl sp. z o.o.