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Inter Groclin Auto S.A.

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Aplikacja jest w naszej opinii niezwykle przyjazna dla użytkowników, a jej struktura przejrzysta oraz intuicyjna, dzięki czemu praca z dokumentami w takim środowisku przebiegła bardzo sprawnie.

Inter Groclin Auto SA has decided to co-operate with FORDATA sp. z o.o. (formerly Mergers Net sp. z o.o.), to collaborate with one of its business partners, Kabel-Technik Polska Spółka z o.o. The application offered by FORDATA significantly influenced the quality and efficiency of the process, while ensuring the safety of the exchange of any shared files.

The VDR system facilitates the bilateral exchange of documents between our companies, ensuring safe and controlled access, regardless of the time or location.

The application is in our opinion very user-friendly, and its structure clear and intuitive, making the transaction based on sensitive files run very smoothly.

A crucial aspect of the process was to ensure the highest level of safety and the absolute control of the any uploaded documents. FORDATA VDR, with all its security mechanisms at the level provided by the baking services, as well as additional functions such as reporting on the activity of individual users or the ability to selectively manage access rights, fully met our expectations.

Our collaboration with FORDATA team was a success. The comapny and its employees are higly professional and open to any desires of their clientele.”

Inter Groclin Auto SA is one the leaders in the production of upholstery car seats in Europe. By combining a long tradition with modern technologies, the company provides the highest level of service for many years now. Its products and solutions have gained recognition and trust of major car manufacturers in Europe.

Zbigniew Drzymała Prezes Inter Groclin Auto S.A.