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Bardzo cenimy sobie wsparcie zespołu FORDATA, który asystował na każdym etapie procesu, oferując profesjonalne wsparcie merytoryczne.

NOMI S.A. cooperated with FORDATA sp. z o.o. (formerly Mergers Net sp. z o.o.) in connection with the company`s restructuring process. On the advice of the Advisors of the process, we decided to make use of a specialized tool that is offered by FORDATA; i.e. Virtual Data Room FORDATA.

In our opinion the VDR FORDATA is a fantastic solution for the secure distribution of sensitive information. Use of the application significantly increased the efficiency and comfort of all sites involved. Our team and our advisors were able to have a round-the-clock access to the documentation, regardless of the location, so that everyone could work according to their own rhythm. Security mechanisms built into the platform have given us a guarantee that all confidential documents uploaded into the system, would not fall into the wrong hands.

According to us the application is extremely intuitive and easy to use. It did not require us to have any specialized IT-fielded knowledge, and uploading documents, inviting users and managing access rights to the documents was all limited to a few simple mouse clicks.

We appreciate the support from FORDATA Team, who assisted us at every stage of the process, offering professional technical and operational support.

Of a great value is also the fact that after the project ended, we received an encrypted DVD with all documents that were included in the Data Room, along with reports of users activity. This is an extremely valuable collection of information for the Company, which will be used in the future.


NOMI exist on the Polish market since 1993. As the first retail chain, NOMI S.A. has offered its costumers a full range of products for home and garden. The offer consists of articles from the construction, finishing-decorative, bathroom and kitchen equipment, electric-lighting, metal, power tools, and seasonal items till garden equipment. The Company is all about the professional service and a wide range of goods at attractive prices. At present network NOMI has 21 markets.

Bogusław Bartczak Prezes Zarządu NOMI S.A.