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Obligo S.A.

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Skorzystaliśmy z narzędzia, które pozwoliło nam na organizację wirtualnego repozytorium dokumentów w jednym miejscu, udostępnionego na określony czas potencjalnym inwestorom.

Obligo S.A. providing receivable management services had the pleasure to work with FORDATA Sp. z o.o. – a leading provider of the VDR system.

We had the opportunity to use a tool, which enabled us to arrange the document repository in one place and to share it with potential investors for a specified period of time. Access to sensitive information was given only to authorised users. Knowing that documents will not fall into the wrong hands gave us a sense of security.

Based on our experience, we can state that the FORDARA VDR system is an intuitive and user-friendly tool offered together with professional organisational and technical support.

We are satisfied with the cooperation with FORDATA and we believe that it deserves the name of a highly recommendable company.

Tomasz Kisiel Member of the Board Obligo S.A.