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Bardzo cenimy sobie profesjonalizm i elastyczność konsultantów zespołu FORDATA. Podczas współpracy mogliśmy liczyć na ich wsparcie zarówno w kwestiach technicznych, jak i merytorycznych, m. in. w zakresie właściwej organizacji struktury dokumentów oraz roli i uprawnień dla poszczególnych grup użytkowników.

Peakside Polonia Management Sp. z o.o., the leading real estate fund manager in the CEE region, is pleased to confirm that the company FORDATA Sp. z o.o. earns the right to be called a reliable business partner.

We decided to collaborate with FORDATA in order to help us with the ongoing process of the sale of four buildings of the Warsaw office complex Wiśniowy Business Park for POLAND Valad Europe and funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management.

FORDATA Virtual Data Room application enabled us to share confidential source documents with interested external parties. The buyer was represented by the company JLL, an international consulting company providing comprehensive services in real estate market.

We highly appreciate the professionalism and flexibility of FORDATA consultants. During the cooperation we could count on their support, in both technical and organizational matters, e.g. in terms of proper organization of document structure and the management of access rights for groups and users. Their individual approach, flexibility in responding to our needs, and high quality of customer service resulted in the satisfactory level of cooperation.

We wish to inform you that the cooperation with FORDATA was successful. We recommend the company FORDATA as a reliable business partner for future cooperation.


Peakside Polonia Management Sp. z o.o. – is the leading real estate fund manager in the CEE region, established in 2001 by AlB Capital Markets in order to launch and manage Polonia Property Funds, and from September 2012 is fully integrated in the Peakside Capital Group. The Peakside Polonia Management team consists of 11 professionals who provide advisory and professional asset management services to the Funds.

Witold Breś Principal Peakside Polonia Management Sp. z o.o.
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