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PKF Grupa Konsultingowa  Sp. z o.o.

„We would like to thank Mergers Net team for effective and professional preparation and Virtual Data Room (VDR) launch. VDR with all the necessary applications was utilised in conducting Due Diligence process while privatisation of Niedzica Water Energy Plant Group (Zespołu Elektrowni Wodnych Niedzica S.A.) located in Niedzica, in which PKF Grupa Konsultingowa was an advisor of Ministry of Treasury.”

PKF Capital Group is a group of advisory companies providing services in the area of accounting, HR and payroll, accountig advisory, financial reporting, tax services, management accounting. PKF is a member of international network of independent
auditors, accountants and consultants.


Jan Cały Prezes Zarządu PKF Grupa Konsultingowa  Sp. z o.o.