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Warto podkreślić, iż na każdym etapie projektu FORDATA oferował najwyższy poziom wsparcia zarówno w zakresie zarządzania aplikacją jak i pomocy technicznej.

„POL-MOT Auto S.A. (the Company) cooperated with FORDATA sp. z o.o. (formerly Mergers Net sp. z o.o.) during the preparation of a secure repository of documents, which was then available to other parties, including the Company’s advisors, in order to prepare a comprehensive financial, legal and tax analysis, i.e. 'Due Diligence’. To ensure the highest level of safety during the whole process, the Company decided to use a tool dedicated to sensitive files’ sharing; FORDATA Virtual Data Room (VDR).

FORDATA VDR is not only a highly secure environment, but also an extremely intuitive and user friendly tool. Safety is ensured not only at the application level, but also the infrastructure and any other associated processes, as confirmed by ISO/EIC 27 001. The ability to work on uploaded documentation regardless of the time and place has had a direct impact on the efficiency of the project.

It is also worth mentioning that at each stage of the project the FORDATA team offered the highest level of support, both, in terms of the application management and technical support. What characterizes the FORDATA team, is their high professionalism and flexibility when it comes to customer’s needs.

We are very pleased to having been able to cooperate with the FORDATA”

Tomasz Skiera Z-ca Dyrektora Spółki ds. Organizacji i Rozwoju POL-MOT Auto S.A.