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FORDATA zajęło się kompleksowo przygotowaniem i koordynacją całego procesu – powierzone pracownikom FORDATA dokumenty zostały przez nich zeskanowane, odpowiednio nazwane, skatalogowane, a następnie załadowane do systemu FORDATA VDR. Stworzyło to przejrzyste warunki do pracy dla naszych doradców.

Elekta Sp. z o.o. (formerly RTA VC Sp. z o.o. SKA) decided to use the services of FORDATA (formerly Datapoint) VDR  due to a need for efficient organization of Due Diligence which was conducted by our Advisors. By partnering with FORDATA we gained much more than just a secure platform for the exchange of confidential documents.

FORDATA took over a comprehensive preparation and coordination of the whole process – documents forwarded to FORDATA employees have been scanned, appropriately named, cataloged , and then uploaded into the VDR system. This has created a transparent working environment for our consultants. Thanks to that, the process ran quickly and smoothly. Moreover, completely systematized structure of documents along with a summary of the project was provided to us on an encrypted DVD. This is an invaluable knowledge database for our company, which can be surely used in the future.

A major advantage of the FORDATA VDR application itself, beyond its intuitiveness, is in our opinion a special Q&A panel dedicated to the management of communication in the process of Due Diligence. Our Advisor could easily coordinate the flow of information , while we had the opportunity to preview what is happening in the project.

FORDATA got to be known as a very reliable and competent partner for cooperation. The high quality of services, punctuality and speed of response to customer’s needs prove that this is a company worth recommending.


Elekta Sp. z o.o.(formerly RTA VC Sp. z o.o. SKA) – the professional partner delivering innovative technologies.

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