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Stanusch Technologies S.A.

If you plan an IPO or New Connect debut we highly recommend  using FORDATA Virtual Data Room.


„We had the pleasure to use FORDATA (formerly Datapoint) Virtual Data Room with regards to Stanusch Technologies New Connect stock market debut.

This solution allowed us to gather in one central repository all the documentation needed for the debut i.e. information concerning company finances, corporate governance, legal situation, critical agreements, HR etc. It also made the work easier for our advisors.

Thanks to the possibility of remote access to documentation the process of preparing issuing materials was conducted very efficiently. Documents were shared with our partners in a secure environment 24/7.

Apart from project improvement,  Virtual Data Room provided also an anticipated security level in relation to shared materials. Together with the possibility to fully control the process it  brought us the advantage we expected. We could amend and control the scope of documentation shared in real  time, deny access when needed or share individual files selectively. System allowed us to adjust quickly to changing situation throughout the whole project.

Moreover, using the application influenced positively on perceiving our company as innovative one and operating according to western standards when it comes to preparing for the debut.

We value also the involvement of FORDATA team in process organization.

If you plan an IPO or New Connect debut we highly recommend  using FORDATA Virtual Data Room. System  brings an enormous value on the stage of organizing documentation and cooperation of advisors during issuing material preparation.”

Stanusch Technologies is an innovative company that, through research and development projects, works on the application of the artificial intelligence in business management. We carry out projects related to the natural language processing (NLP) and semantic information search (WEB 3.0). The main company’s product is Virtual Assistant (chatbot) – a computer program simulating human behavior and able to conduct conversation in the natural language.

Maciej Stanusch CEO Stanusch Technologies S.A.