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YORK sp. z o.o.

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Wspólna, często równoczesna praca ludzi będących na różnych kontynentach, bez konieczności podróży lotniczych, a jednocześnie pozbawiona mankamentów telekonferencji – umożliwia skupienie na szczegółach, analizowanie precyzyjnych danych, rysunków, projektów.

„Due to a project, which required sharing confidential data by YORK Sp. z o.o.  with foreign partners, we decided to use Virtual Data Room  (VDR) provided by FORDATA sp. z o.o. (formerly Mergers Net sp. z o.o.) .

VDR allowed project managers to present large quantity of documents in a very clear  manner. It also provided effective management of document and access rights to these files in the VDR.

The exchange of documents between team members from all over the world was very simple and immediate. It was also much safer comparing to traditional means of electronic communication. Various functionalities implemented in VDR facilitated work for all users and made it very easy to handle huge number of files. It is also possible to provide access to a selected types of files for different users. That helps them to avoid overwhelming number of documents to read and analyze.

There are numerous advantages of using VDR, e. g. excellent platform to run international projects and  joint and simultaneous work done by people from different continents. Everything was possible without unnecessary travelling and arrangements of problematic teleconferences. All this makes it possible to focus on details and to analyze specific graphs and provided data.

The possibility to moderate Q&A enables to run discussions, polemics and explanations among group members. All mentioned functionalities work in a reliable technical environment which fulfills the highest security requirements and protects shared data effectively.

We value   the cooperation with FORDATA Team very much – dynamic, full of initiative, client oriented and professional people, great to work with. They offer innovative tool fulfilling highest security requirements. In addition, they do not disregard specifics of the local market. In our opinion this company is highly recommendable.”

YORK sp. z o.o is one of the biggest Polish manufacturers of household goods.

Leszek Badziński CEO YORK sp. z o.o.