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Zaborski, Morysiński – Adwokacka Spółka Partnerska

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Doceniamy szybkość realizacji procesu, intuicyjność i samoobsługowość oferowanego systemu. Wykorzystanie FORDATA VDR pozwoliło nam znacznie usprawnić organizację transakcji.

Zaborski, Morynski Law LP is pleased to recommend FORDATA Company as a business partner providing the Virtual Data Room service. A favourable opinion of our transaction advisor prompted us to choose FORDATA from a numer of other companies.

The use of a proprietary web application FORDATA VDR, enabled us to conduct the due diligence examination of the company operating in the transport sector. We appreciate the speed of the process implementation, intuitiveness of the system and the possibitilty to manage it on our own. The use of FORDATA VDR allowed us to considerably facilitate the entire transaction process.

Another asset constitutes the professional technical support. Their receptivity, propmt response of the consultant team and high quality of service provided by the Project Manager deserve special recognition.

Our cooperation experience with FORDATA Company allows us to state that it is a supplier providing a safe and effective solution of Virtual Data Room.

Łukasz Morysiński Adwokat, Partner Zaborski, Morysiński – Adwokacka Spółka Partnerska