Aleksandra Porębska as a speaker at Polish Congress of Restructuring Laws, KongRes 2014

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Allerhand Summits (Polish Law Congresses), including Polski Kongres Prawa Restrukturyzacyjnego – KongRes 2014 (only polish version), is a series of conferences which established a strong position in the field of legal and economic development in Poland. As a result of meetings and debates of experts representing different interest groups, projections and recommendations for the improvement of the legal system in Poland are being created.

And so it is as for the KongRes 2014, which will take place in Warsaw on March 13, 2014, and will concentrate on the theme of restructuring, in five key areas, from the point of view of changes within the legislation.

Aleksandra Porębska, together with other participants of the panel named “Restructuring related structures – conditions for a successful restructuring process, practical problems, financing models”, will take up a discussion, which aims to frame postulates and tenets to change the current Polish bankruptcy and reorganization Law.

Aleksandra, as an expert in the field of IT solutions for supporting transactions of Mergers and Acquisitions and restructuring processes, will share her experiences on good practices used e.g. in the sale of businesses and any processes related to the acquisition of capital (from a bank, Private Equity Fund, an external investor etc.). The purpose of the “I would buy a company in bankruptcy” – a case study from the Polish market” is to focus further discussions and comments on the good practices from the M&A market, which is an attractive alternative for companies in restructuring and bankruptcy.

During the KongRes deliberations, all invited Experts and other participants, will also debate about four other areas:
Restructuring of financial institutions.
Restructuring of the construction sector – a problem of the region or Europe?
A model of training for participants of the restructuring process (assignees, the judicial community, management members; academic initiatives, examples of other laws).
International aspects of restructuring procedures.
Together with FORDATA, other participants of discussions will be representatives of such institutions as the Polish Board of Trustees, SGH, the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, or law firms such as Weil, Dentons, Wolf Theiss P.Daszkowski sp.k., Zimmerman i wspólnicy sp.k.

A detailed program of the KongRes and additional information can be found under the event’s website (only polish version).

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