Protect your confidential information

Gather all the key information in one place

Provide confidential documents only to authorised parties

Protect files against unauthorised modification and further distribution

Deny such access rights as file saving or printing

Apply watermarks

Share files in accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Take control over the process

Decide who will have access to which documents, and to what extent (view, print, save)

Grant individual access rights for each group and preserve total control on every stage of the process (control what was made available, to whom, when and to what extent)

Monitor users activity thanks to advanced reports (monitor who is viewing files, which documents and for how long, what are the most popular documents and folders etc.)

Make your company look professional

Strengthen the image of the company as well organised, modern and security aware

Provide a tool that fulfils the requirements of IT departments of banks

Focus on running the projects, while FORDATA handles organisation of the Data Room

Increase process effectiveness and comfort for users

Share documents online 24/7 with unlimited access from anywhere in the world

Make files available to all parties simultaneously

Provide tool for secure communication between both sides of the process, ensuring the confidentiality of the parties involved

Avoid interference in day-to-day operations in the Company (limited visits of external entities in company headquarters)

Get higher Company valuation
(While using Data Room for M&A)

Reach a wider group of investors, funds or financial institutions (including foreign ones, without incurring additional costs); More Investors => competition => higher valuations

Manage investors’ commitment in the transaction

Shorten time required to close the transaction

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