FORDATA in the Report about Innovativeness of Polish Economy 2011

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What will be Poland’s future? Can we create it by ourselves? What is the potential of polish economy?



Authors of „Report about Innovativeness of Polish Economy 2011” try to give answers to these questions (the report is available under the Link, only Polish version)

It is a great pleasure for us to present this absorbing material.

We are very pleased that FORDATA was presented as an example of innovative business carried out in Poland.

We kindly invite you to read this report!

„Report about Innovativeness of Polish Economy 2011” was prepared by several experts from Vistula University to be presented on II Congress of Innovative Economy, organized by Polish Chamber Of Commerce.

The aim of this document is to:
1. Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of polish economy in range of being innovative and suggest simple method of regular progress measurement in this area.
2. Recommend actions for public sector, government and municipalities that once implemented will enable growth of innovativeness in polish economy. That would mean a conscious choice of innovativeness path.
3. Present tips for enterpreneurs on how to become a global company by being innovative.

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