Datapoint supports merger on the polish telecommunications market

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FORDATA VDR supports sale of a telecom operator on B2B market, MEDIATEL 4B. The acquirer in this transaction is ASTER – provider of telecommunication services, other recent telecom technologies and digital entertainment.




Business assets sale is for any company a very demanding and complicated process involving a lot of corporate resources. The longer it takes the more implications it can cause to the business operations. Taking that into consideration Mediatel was looking for a solution which allows to organize this process of a sale of a business unit in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, the company needed a tool which would allow potential investors a comfortable and smooth work with company documentation and save highest security standards with regards to files confidentiality.


Company decided to use FORDATA VDR in order to provide access to documentation to investors. Thanks to a very intuitive file upload tool  Mediatel team managed to place documents in the VDR in a fast and easy way. At the same time FORDATA team was there at all times to help the client with all organization and technical issues. As a result data room preparation took only a few days and the whole sale transaction was shortened by a couple of weeks.

Documentation was presented in a clear and logical form ensuring very high work comfort and feasibility in seeking required information both for Investors as well as Mediatel team which streamlined and speeded up the whole Due Diligence process.

Moreover, in order to prevent uncontrolled information spread, printing and saving of documents was blocked. Finally each file had a watermark indicating time and the specific user who was working with the document at that point.


Using FORDATA VDR brought tangible and measurable benefits to both companies. Mediatel, the seller, gained full control over the Due Diligence process and decreased process related costs. On the other hand, Aster could access and use information in a comfortable way from any place and at each time.

Looking at the strategic perspective, takeover of Mediatel 4B, a company specializing in telecommunication services for business allowed expansion of Aster’s offer for corporate clients around the country. It also provided access to the full portfolio of voice and Internet products as well as a range of added-value services (efax or teleconferencing) for corporate clients. As a result Aster Biznes revenues increased in comparison to  estimates from the beginning of 2010 and resulted 6 bilion PLN.

Transaction value: 15 mln zł


Fruitful cooperation with FORDATA team brought measurable business values and operation benefits for Mediatel S.A.

“High and professional level of communication and support have guaranteed a satisfactory co-operation both during implementation phase and exploitation of the system. FORDATA system is intuitive and convenient to use. Reliable and functional.

Personally I would like to emphasize the model co-operation with FORDATA team.
I heartily recommend FORDATA VDR system.”

Agnieszka Marciniak
Process Assurance Director, Mediatel S.A.

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