Due Diligence of commercial, industrial and office real estates

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How to exit an investment with expected rate of return?

In most cases the property owners are institutional investors who, in a given period of time, decide to exit an investment or to restructure their portfolio. Sale of a single building as well as the entire portfolio sets a number of targets to the Sell side and Buy side. The transaction should be preceded by a thorough analysis of the property’s condition, i.e. Due Diligence. This analysis allows the Seller to fully  present the subject of the transaction and it also allows potential Investors to identify risks associated with the value and the profitability of the project.

Due to the multiplicity of parties involved and a multi-stage type of a process, the organization of a real estate sale is connected with some challenges that the  Owner needs to face:

How to meet  needs of Buyers who expect the highest standards in the transaction?
How to collect  relevant documentation from various resources to ensure they’re up-to-date during the entire process?
How to protect the confidentiality of shared documentation and maintain control over the whole project?
How to check or sometimes even prove what, when and with whom was shared?
How to manage the communication during the transaction?
What are the best practices in this field?

The answer to all the needs of all parties involved in the transaction is FORDATA Virtual Data Room (VDR).

VDR not only answers the challenges that arise during sale transaction but also facilitates property documentation management and its sharing with the Owner and stakeholders, both internal and external. VDR allows you to:

– Create a central, safe data repository accessible only to authorized persons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any place on earth

– Share an agreed, but often diverse, set of information, at the same time with  various, often geographically dispersed parties

– Update, under total control, the documentation shared

– Differentiate access rights to information for individual users: owners, managers, auditors, experts, legal advisors, appraisers, buyers

– Monitor the activity of all users

– Answer all inquiries coming from investors from one central place

– Use the automatic reports as evidence in case of any disputes in the future

To learn more about services assisting the management and sale of commercial real estates, do not hesitate to contact us:
+ 48 61 660 15 10, biuro@fordata.pl

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