Due diligence on-line
Security. Effectiveness. Comfort. Accordance with industry standards.

Effectiveness and comfortable
Gather all the key information in one place and share documents online 24/7 with unlimited access from anywhere in the world.

Provide confidential documents only to authorised parties and protect files against unauthorised modification and further distribution.

Accordance with industry standards
Grant individual access, decide who will have access to which documents, and to what extent (view, print, save). Monitor users activity thanks to advanced reports.
How does it work?
FORDATA Virtual Data Room is an online electronic document repository, in which a company can maintain confidential information and make it available to other entities in a controlled way. Data Room is a worldwide recognized tool for conducting Due Diligence in electronic form.
Preparation of the Data Room takes only 1 hour
Loading documents is simple and fast (via drag & drop, with the ability to load the entire structure with one click)
Documents are clearly cataloged and automatically numbered
Users have access to information on the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere on earth, do not need to install any software
Access to documents is diverse and granted only to authorized persons
Documents are protected against modification, writing on disc, printing, or further distribution, have watermarks
Advanced reports allow you to precisely track the activity of people who have access to documents
What are the perks?
A tool with a set of dedicated diligence functions, giving absolute control over the research
The Due Diligence study is organized and effectively managed
The risk related to the disclosure of confidential documents to external entities is minimized
Investor intentions are better recognized through detailed reports
The investors’ expectations regarding the high standards of the Due Diligence organization are met
01 Security on electronic banking level
  • Data and communication encryption with 256‑bit algorithm
  • Reputable data centres located in Europe
  • Data centres ISO 27 001 and ISO 9 001 certified
  • Regular penetration, load and regression testing
  • Continuous data backup, minimizing data loss to 15 minutes only
  • Polish legislation compliance
  • Accordance with requirements of IT and compliance departments of financial institutions
  • Personal data protection and accordance with GDPR
02 Customer service team that comprehensively support the research 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Comprehensive preparation of documentation before Due Diligence (scanning, file ordering in a logical structure, checking the quality of scans, embezzlement of selected fragments of documents)
  • Full preparation of the Data Room prior to the invitation of the investor, i.e. loading documents into the Data Room, assigning authorizations, creating and inviting users
  • Data Room management on your behalf
10 years of experience. Leading VDR provider in CEE.
The Virtual Data Room system offered by FORDATA guaranteed us full control over the ongoing process and allowed us to close negotiations in the shortest possible time.
Robert Sobczak Member of the Board
We highly appreciate the professionalism and flexibility of FORDATA consultants. During the cooperation we could count on their support, in both technical and organizational matters, e.g. in terms of proper organization of document structure and the management of access rights for groups and users.
Witold Breś Principal
In our opinion the great strength of the FORDATA VDR system is its intuitive and the ease of acquiring service principles. We appreciate the simplicity of the Questions & Answers Module and the ease of user management.
Tomasz Pasiewicz Managing Partner
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