More effective execution of post-merger integration (PMI) projects

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A natural extension of services offered by FORDATA for the M&A segment are solutions that are designed to increase the efficiency and improve the safety not only of Due Diligence but also other stages of M&A.

Apart from the preparation and negotiation phase, a particularly important stage which if appropriately executed will bring the expected financial synergies, is the post-merger integration (PMI). Management of the selected folder is one of the features introduced within the FORDATA VDR system, in response to the needs of that process.

It gives the opportunity to limit the access rights of chosen people, so that they can manage documents only within selected folders. This is particularly important when it comes to the integration process ,because during the stage when the merging companies are not yet having any common IT systems, the FORDATA VDR provides a platform for mutual exchange of information.

“Correct decisions about the entitlement to information and effective management of access rights can both guarantee that no one will see what they should not, and on the other hand, any information from different employees required by the company management for strategic decisions-making, will be distributed in a quick and safe way.”

This feature significantly affects the effectiveness of projects in which:
1. there is a bilateral exchange of files between the companies (e.g., post-merger integration)the documents are
2. scattered in different locations, and those who load the files do not belong to the decision-making team

More details on how can the FORDATA VDR be used for integration process can be found under this link.

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