We know that security of documents shared by our customers is crucial. Therefore, FORDATA systems have security mechanisms identical to those used for banking services.


All information sent between application’s server and user’s internet browser are being encrypted with 256-bit encryption algorithm. This ensures that the information you submit is no used by unauthorized person.

User’s identification and authentication

The application has a number of authentication mechanisms:

° bilateral authentication with SMS codes (X.509 certificate)
° password strength checker
° necessity to change the password every 14 days or such (specified by the customer )
° automatic recognition of previous six passwords used
° the need to have a “safe” password, i.e. containing at least eight characters, one number, one uppercase letter, one non-alphanumeric character

In addition, all passwords stored in the database are encrypted, to protect them from unauthorized disclosure and modification.

Other security mechanisms applied at the application level include:

° limiting the number of IP addresses from which users will be able to log in to the system
° limiting the length of a user session in the event of inactivity, resulting in an automatic logout
° restrictions on the amount of simultaneous logins using the same username

Granting access rights model

FORDATA Virtual Data Room enables differentiation of access rights on object level (folder/document) per individual users as well as groups. It is possible to grant the following access to a file/folder:

° only view,
° view and print
° view and save
° view, print and save.

Document protection

Each user that logs into the data room sees and is able to view, print out and save only these documents, to which he/she has been granted view/print access rights. In addition, at the stage of uploading, each file is run by a virus scan and any potentially dangerous files such as .exe are automatically blocked.


In order to prevent uncontrolled document spread through e-version or paper version, as well as taking pictures of the screen where data is displayed, we have introduced watermarks on the documents. The watermark includes the name of the user accessing the document and the exact date and time of the activity. It is possible to adapt the watermark in terms of its content and form, according to the customer preferences.

It is also possible to block the screenshot option done with the Print Screen key.

Real time reports

FORDATA Virtual Data Room makes it possible to generate reports on all users’ activity presented also as charts. Because of this functionality an authorized person will have a clear understanding of who and when logged in/out of the system, viewed a particular document, saved it on his/her PC or printed it out. The reports also show the most / least popular documents or thematic areas which allows to monitor which of the investors is most interested in the transaction.

Interested in learning more? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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