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According to the article by Piotr Waszczuk, published on, PricewaterhaouseCoopers analysts expect a substantial increase in number of IT deals next year. The consolidation pace of the IT industry is supposed to be at least comparable to the one before the financial crisis.


The experts analyzed the value of M&A deals completed in previous years. The research shows that after a relatively calm first 6 months of 2009 the next wave of M&A deals in IT is approaching. In Unites States only throughout the first three months of the year deals of 3,1 bn USD in value have been finalized. The second quarter of the year brought  2,3 bn USD M&A transactions. As a reference the value of transactions related to American advanced technology market announced for the second and  third quarter of 2008 were respectively: 13,8 bn USD and 44,6 bn USD.

At the same time according to PricewaterhaouseCoopers experts the value of M&A deals in IT completed in the third quarter of this year was 9,8 bn USD. In the nearest future the growth should be sustained. ‘If we take a look at the value of M&A deals of the first two quarters of the year we have the worst possible result almost for a decade. We’re observing an increase, though. Basically the result of IT M&A deals brought to an end in the third quarter of this year doubled in comparison to the value of the second quarter of 2009. Taking into account recent announcements of the biggest industry corporations we should be expecting further raise.’ – says Rob Fisher, analyst of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

It is also worth mentioning that in the past few months multibillion transactions have been announced by Xerox, Dell and Oracle. The revealed takeover of Affiliated Computer Services and Perot Systems are to be finalized still this year. Another 7,4 bn USD worth transaction of the acquisition of Sun Microsystems will most likely be completed in the first half of next year. The total value of 10 biggest M&A deals announced this year in IT is more than 30 bn USD. It is expected that there will also be an increase of IT companies IPO’s. According to experts it will also foster the industry consolidation.


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