Why did we change our name?

Starting from 2009, we continuously develop. We are constantly working on identifying new types of transactions where we could help our customers by offering our Virtual Data Room.

We started with Mergers and Acquisitions and for the last 5 years we have managed to make a significant contribution for the VDR to become a good practice in this segment in our region. We have hence been true to the company’s mission formulated at the stage of establishing the start-up. Now with the FORDATA brand, using our IT systems together with our experience, we would like to spread good practices in transaction execution across other segments of the market. FORDATA gives us greater opportunities to achieve this goal. It also provides the possibility of sustainable building of our position in the CEE region.

After the Management Buy Out made last year by the key managers and founders of the Company, rebranding is another milestone in its development.

FORDATA is the same team that is behind the success of Datapoint, the same high quality of services and reliable proprietary technology.

Wherein FORDATA is primarily a wider range of processes, that we understand and support. These processes have three common features: they are complex, involve many independent entities (often consultancy companies and law firms), and focus on the exchange of sensitive information. Our goal is to provide solutions that will ensure that those processes are less complicated and implemented in a more controlled, efficient and safe way.

View types of transactional processes in which we can help you.

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