Conduct several audits at the same time, without having to visit the premises of the Companies


Conducting audits (tax, financial, other), especially for customers located in various cities, can be a logistical challenge for an audit company. It includes a number of costs associated with sending auditors to client’s premises. Furthermore, long term delegations repeated frequently may cause an inconvenience for auditors.

FORDATA solutions allow to perform an audit in an electronic form, allowing auditors to work comfortably from their office and the manager to control the work of his teams. Audited company on the other hand gains a safe solution to share its corporate documentation in a controlled manner. Our solutions may be used to implement a single audit or to manage multiple processes.

What are the benefits?

Controlled documents management

  • Sharing a set of often diverse information with particular auditors at the same time
  • Access to documents 24/7/365 days, from any location
  • Differentiation of access rights to information for individual auditors
  • Controlled updating of documentation

Convienient audits management

  • Limiting trips to client’s headquarters to a minimum
  • Conducting a few/several audits at the same time
  • Monitoring progress and managing work of the team
  • Reducing costs of implementing a single audit
  • Shortening the time needed to conduct the audit
  • Comfortable working conditions for auditors

For whom

In which processes:

  • Audits (financial, tax)
  • Due diligence in M&A

For whom:

  • Auditors
  • Financial and legal advisers
  • Management of the Company

We are trusted by
FORDATA services are used by market leaders, especially in CEE region, including the largest advisory companies, banks, investment boutiques, law firms and Private Equity/Venture Capital funds. We support transactional processes, such as mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, IPOs, or projects associated with obtaining financing (bond issues, syndicated loans, etc.), as well as projects which require sharing confidential information to external parties.
What our clients say
See why hundreds of companies choose FORDATA platform to support their confidential projects.
In case of an external audit it is possible to save documents and to build your own electronic document records which is very important when it comes to requirements that the external auditor is being a subject to by third party institutions. The tool is very user-friendly, it has a straight-forward menu, in the document index you can find required documents very easily. The work with documents thanks to additional functionalities runs effectively and opening documents takes very short time.
Marcin Góra Partner
FORDATA is a Virtual Data Room provider, that allows sharing of confidential documents online. Using the FORDATA VDR system made it possible to optimise the management of the transaction process and increased the comfort level of all users. FORDATA VDR services have met both ours and our client’s expectations.
Michał Czerniak | Marek Zieliński President of the Management Board | Vice President of the Management Board
FORDATA VDR system was used during pharmaceutical audit which was done by a third party. The Virtual Data Room let us smoothly manage big amount of information and files. Cooperation with FORDATA proceeded efficiently and with top quality. The VDR system is a perfect to perform such a such process in the organisation.
dr hab. Wioletta Zimowska-Rutkowska Research and Development Manager
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