Chroń własność intelektualną podczas procesu produkcji leku, sprzedaży lub udzielania licencji, zlecania badań klinicznych, audytu, czy współpracy z zewnętrznymi partnerami (licencjobiorcy, inwestorzy itp.)

Life science/Clinical Trial

The process of drug manufacturing and clinical trials require the transmission of confidential information by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to external partners (licensees, investors, auditors, lawyers or regulatory authorities). Further, in order to remain competitive in the dynamically growing pharmaceutical market, companies must be particularly careful in protecting their intellectual property.

Take advantage of the best practices and IT solutions

FORDATA Virtual Data Room is a secure web-based application which allows in a secure and controlled way sensitive information sharing to external entities, including licensees, investors, auditors, lawyers, Polish and word wide market regulators. Data Room is a global standard related to execution of complex and confidential transactions, thus guarantees an absolute information security, process control and in compliance with the Polish law and GIODO requirements.

How does it operate?

  • Documents are catalogued and available through the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location in the world;
  • Access to documents is diverse and accessible only to authorized individuals;
  • Documents are resistant to tampering, disk recording, printing or further distribution and contain watermarks;
  • Advanced reports allow to track the users activity.

What is the result?

  • The process of drug manufacturing or audit are carefully managed and fully controled;
  • Safety is safeguarded at the level used by banking services (encrypted communication, access authorization, SLA, ISO 27 001 Compliance);
  • Risk of divulging confidential information to external parties is minimized;
  • Customer focus is on the process while FORDATA is engaged in organizing the Data Room and providing technical support for its users.

FORDATA Virtual Data Room contributes to: 

  • The exchange of sensitive information with external partners (licensees, investors, auditors) and market regulators in processes such as:
    • Drug manufacturing
    • Clinical Trial
    • Drug registration on the other markets
  • Audits are performed by external auditors
  • Sale of the undertaking or of part of it (exclusive rights to drugs, patents)
  • Due diligence

Selected projects:

Polfarmex S.A.

27 years on the market, recognized pharmaceutical manufacturer, specializing in generic drugs (on prescription) production.
Type of transaction: Pharmaceutical audit
Year: 2016

Polish pharmaceutical company

Type of transaction: Product portfolio sale
Year: 2016

Polish biotechnological company

Type of transaction: Drug registration on the other markets
Year: 2016

We are trusted by
FORDATA services are used by market leaders, especially in CEE region, including the largest advisory companies, banks, investment boutiques, law firms and Private Equity/Venture Capital funds. We support transactional processes, such as mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, IPOs, or projects associated with obtaining financing (bond issues, syndicated loans, etc.), as well as projects which require sharing confidential information to external parties.
What our clients value the most
See why biotech and pharmaceutical companies choose FORDATA platform to support their confidential projects.
In our opinion, one of the most important strengths of cooperation with FORDATA, was the contact with the Customer Service Team. They advised us and replied to our questions professionally, fast and smoothly. We could always count on their support both in technical and other essential cases i.e. the right document structure.
Łukasz Biernaczyk General Manager, Vice-President of Board of Directors
FORDATA VDR system was used during pharmaceutical audit which was done by a third party. The Virtual Data Room let us smoothly manage big amount of information and files. Cooperation with FORDATA proceeded efficiently and with top quality. The VDR system is a perfect to perform such a such process in the organisation.
dr hab. Wioletta Zimowska-Rutkowska Research and Development Manager
What has convinced us is that FORDATA systems guarantee the security of data on the level of banking services and have a number of other security mechanism. In addition, on top of the use of very innovative solutions, the system management is extremely simple and intuitive.
Mariusz Kozierowski Managing Director
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