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A sale of a commercial real estate is a process as complex as any M&A transaction. Very often organized under high pressure of time, involving many people, it requires professional preparation to Due Diligence and further negotiations with potential buyers. Especially that any real estate’s documentation made available in the course of a transaction is often much more extensive than documents relating to any other companies. Whether it is a sale of a single property, or execution of many transactions, the FORDATA solutions allow you to efficiently manage documents in these processes and improve communication with buyers.

FORDATA Virtual Data Room PRO to manage multiple sales transactions

FORDATA Virtual Data Room PRO
is an innovative version of our system, which was created in response tthe needs of investment directors. It allows you tmanage multiple sales transaction simultaneously and independently. Within a single transaction it enables torganise Due Diligence in a professional and effective manner. Thanks tQ&A (Questions&Answers) module it increases effectiveness of negotiations  with multiple investors.

What are the results?
  • Increased efficiency of managing multiple projects
  • Lower costs of conducting a single transaction
  • Convenience, thanks taccess tall projects from a single Internet address
What are the additional possibilities?
  • Individual branding of the platform, sthat it looks like the company’s internal system
  • Linking with the web site of the Real Estate Administrator




FORDATA Virtual Data Room to handle a single transaction

If you are preparing for a single transaction, consider our basic solution, the FORDATA Virtual Data Room. The service will allow you to organize Due Diligence in a safe and efficient manner.

What are the benefits?
  • Controlled and selective sharing of confidential information with Investors
  • Appropriate arrangement of the process, convenience
  • Reaching ta wider range of Investors and sharing of documents with all Investors at once
  • Shortening the time required tcomplete the transaction
  • Better understanding of the intentions of Investors, thanks tdetailed reports
  • The ability tfocus on running the business and negotiations, while FORDATA takes care of the organization of the process
For whom:
  • Administrators of Commercial Real Estate (Investment Directors)
  • Corporate Finance Advisers
  • Law Firms
  • Property Owners
  • Investors and their Advisers

We are trusted by
FORDATA services are used by market leaders, especially in CEE region, including the largest advisory companies, banks, investment boutiques, law firms and Private Equity/Venture Capital funds. We support transactional processes, such as mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, IPOs, or projects associated with obtaining financing (bond issues, syndicated loans, etc.), as well as projects which require sharing confidential information to external parties.
What our clients say
See why commercial real estate companies choose FORDATA platform to support their confidential projects.
We highly appreciate the professionalism and flexibility of FORDATA consultants. During the cooperation we could count on their support, in both technical and organizational matters, e.g. in terms of proper organization of document structure and the management of access rights for groups and users.
Witold Breś Principal
VDR was used in the process of sale of one the largest commercial real estates in Poland. It was very important to us to maintain the highest security level both while organizing the process and finally when giving access to documentation to invited parties. FORDATA security policy, compatible with PN-ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standard, put into practice together with specifically implemented security mechanisms (watermarks, encrypted connections, access rights distinction) guaranteed the expected level of security.
Jacek Klimczak Komplementariusz
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