Zwiększenie efektywności postępowań restrukturyzacyjnych lub upadłościowych


Restructuring is a complex process which engages many parties. Whether it is a restructuring plan development or a search for potential investor, it becomes critical to efficiently manage a huge amount of information and coordinate all paties that participate in a project. Only then you can properly diagnose the condition of the company, especially its economic, financial, legal and organizational situation. Due Diligence means working with multiple entities and a need for rapid transfer of large amounts of information.

How to face those challenges?

  • How to professionally organize the sale of the enterprise or its organized part?
  • How to attract banks and reach potential investors in order to obtain financing for the company?
  • How to quickly communicate so that the process of preparation of a restructuring plan is more effective?
  • How to shorten the time of conduct?
  • How to monitor the process?
  • How to ensure the security of information shared?
  • How to manage large amounts of documents?

Take advantage of best practices and the knowledge and experience of the leader on the Polish market.

FORDATA Virtual Data Room is an online platform for managing documentation and facilitate communication between all parties involved in the process. The tool reduces time and increases effectiveness of any procedure, of which Due Diligence is an essential element.

How does it work?

  • Documents are scanned, cataloged and accessible via the Internet 24h/7/365 days, from any location
  • All authorized people have access to the documentation at the same time
  • Deciding who has access to which documents and to what extent is simple and flexible
  • With dedicated tools, communication is centralized and efficient
  • Security of information is ensured at the level provided by the banking services
  • The client’s focus is on the substantive part of the process, while FORDATA Team takes care of the organizational aspect of Data Room and technical support for users

What are the results?

  • The process is well organized and more efficient
  • The chance of selling the whole company or its organized part increases
  • You obtain more interest from potentially attractive Investors, who expect high standards in the organization of Due Diligence
  • Higher evaluation of assets can be achieved
  • The restructuring plan is developed in a shorter time
  • The risk associated with sharing confidential documents with external entities is minimized

FORDATA Virtual Data Room is applicable in:
  • diagnosis of the condition of the company (Vendor Due Diligence)
  • sale of a whole enterprise
  • sale of an organized part of the enterprise
FORDATA Virtual Data Room supports the execution of Due Diligence:
  • at the stage of creating a recovery plan
  • during negotiations with potential investors (banks, Private Equity funds)
  • in the management of personal data during an employment restructuring
For whom:
  • Board and Proxies of the Company
  • Law firms, restructuring consultants
  • Syndics, court supervisors, trustees
  • Corporate Finance Advisors
  • Credit banks
  • Potential investors
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FORDATA services are used by market leaders, especially in CEE region, including the largest advisory companies, banks, investment boutiques, law firms and Private Equity/Venture Capital funds. We support transactional processes, such as mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, IPOs, or projects associated with obtaining financing (bond issues, syndicated loans, etc.), as well as projects which require sharing confidential information to external parties.
What our clients say
See why hundreds of companies choose FORDATA platform to support their confidential projects.
VDR was used in connection with the company`s restructuring process. In our opinion the VDR FORDATA is a fantastic solution for the secure distribution of sensitive information. Use of the application significantly increased the efficiency and comfort of all sites involved. According to us the application is extremely intuitive and easy to use. It did not require us to have any specialized IT-fielded knowledge, and uploading documents, inviting users and managing access rights to the documents was all limited to a few simple mouse clicks.
Bogusław Bartczak Prezes Zarządu
FORDATA VDR helped to create a logical and transparent structure of documents relating to five companies from our group in one central location. The repository has been created to work with our Advisers, with whom we cooperated on developing a restructuring plan for the group. The Virtual Data Room FORDATA application has enabled the effective exchange of confidential information, and also contributed significantly to the safety of the process.
Krzysztof Jankowski Chairman of the Board
The sale was the last, crucial step in the process of restructuring the company, which has been on since 2010, led by the MARS Fund ordering assets and optimizing FAWAG’s business. The Virtual Data Room was relatively small – it contained a few hundreds of pages of documents and a selected group of users, - but allowed to significantly improve the due diligence phase, which thanks to that was conducted quickly and seamlessly.
Jerzy Sławek Chairman Of The Board
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