VDR FORDATA help to conduct a financial and legal analysis of companies from Emperia Group

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Emperia Holding S.A. cooperated with FORDATA sp. z o.o. with regards to the preparation of a secure documents repository which was shared with Potential Investors in order to conduct a financial and legal analysis (i. e. Due Diligence) of companies from Emperia Group.

“Using VDR made it possible to achieve several benefits:
a) The  Company could invite dozens of people to the application who could simultaneously analyze the same set of documents,
b) Due to the documents’ accessibility via  Internet, foreign investors could analyze documents from their offices without having to travel to Poland,
c) The Company had control over the process and could monitor which areas of the presented documentation draw most of investors’ attention.”

Artur Kawa, CEO, Emperia Holding S.A.

Click the link to see the full testimonial from Emperia Holding S.A.

Emperia Holding S.A. formulates strategy and coordinates business operations of subsidiaries that build the Emperia Trading Group.

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