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FORDATA, specializing in technical support of M&A transactions disseminates good practices in the organization of restructuring procedures. Supporting NOMI in investors’ seeking project and BZK Group during the development of the restructuring plan.

Restructuring is a complex process which involves many entities, requires rapid transmission of information and effective communication so that any key decisions can be made in a short time. Whether it is a restructuring plan development or a search for potential investors, it becomes critical to efficiently manage a huge amount of information and coordinate all entities that participate in a project. The Virtual Data Room technology may be very useful. – “VDR has so far been mainly associated with M&A transactions. Meanwhile, it actually supports a number of other complex processes, which happen to have similar challenges and needs. One of them is a restructuring process.”says Aleksandra Prusator from FORDATA.
BZK Group has been working with their Advisor for several months on developing a plan for the restructuring of the group which includes five companies: Bakoma Sp. z o.o, Komagra Sp. z o.o., Polske Młyny S.A., Bioagra S.A. and Bioagra-Oil S.A. During this complex process all engaged parties needed constant access to critical, often sensitive information. Appropriate organization of work was necessary. “FORDATA VDR has helped to create a logical and transparent structure of documents in one central location. This has increased the efficiency of cooperation and shortened the time needed to develop desired solutions.”says Krzysztof Jankowski, CEO, BZK Group.
NOMI, one of the leaders in the DIY market, currently within a restructuring process, has been negotiating with potential investors for several months. The Virtual Data Room has allowed to increase the efficiency of negotiations and has made the transaction comfortable for all parties involved. – “Our team and our advisors were able to have a round-the-clock access to the documentation, regardless of the location, so that everyone could work according to their own rhythm.”says Boguslaw Bartczak, CEO, NOMI SA. During a transaction which involves the transmission of confidential documents outside the company, sometimes even to competitors, it is particularly important to ensure adequate protection and control over the files. VDR gives such guarantee. – “Security mechanisms built into the platform have given us a guarantee that all confidential documents uploaded into the system, would not fall into the wrong hands.”adds Boguslaw Bartczak from NOMI.
BZK Group is one of the largest purchasing entities in the domestic marke; cereals, oilseed rape and maize. The basic field of commercial activity of BZK Group is organizing contracting, purchasing activities and trading for and on behalf of Bakoma Sp. z o.o, Komagra Sp. z o.o., Polske Młyny S.A., Bioagra S.A. and Bioagra-Oil S.A.
NOMI exists on the Polish market since 1993. As the first retail chain, NOMI S.A. has offered its costumers a full range of products for home and garden. The offer consists of articles from the construction, finishing-decorative, bathroom and kitchen equipment, electric-lighting, metal, power tools, and seasonal items till garden equipment. The Company is all about the professional service and a wide range of goods at attractive prices. At present network NOMI has 21 markets.

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