VDR in PPP projects on the example of MPEC Olsztyn

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The MPEC company based in Olsztyn has cooperated with FORDATA to implement one of the stages of a procedure named: “The choice of a private partner for providing the heat supply to the city heating network in Olsztyn.” The project, in the form of the Public Private Partnership (PPP), considers the construction of a new thermal-power station for the city. Out of the eight private entities that submitted applications, five were invited to the competitive dialogue.

A PPP proceeding characterizes with a need for exchanging sensitive documents and information between MPEC and private entities. To ensure the highest safety standards of information exchange and communication, Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej (MPEC) in Olsztyn decided to use the Virtual Data Room.

Thanks to the virtual repository all of the potential private partners have been able to access documents from anywhere on earth, 24/7, which significantly improves the process of document analysis and can reduce costs associated with participation in the project. The public side on the other hand has a full control over the scope of distributed information. Not without significance is the ability to hold the formal control, current reporting to the public as well as organization of an audit of the progress and results of the project in its final stages.

It is the MPEC decision to possibly use the VDR system for any other purposes, important from the perspective of the safety of public interests.

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