Availability 24/7
Provide access to files from all over the world on any device.
available 24/7 from any place
access via any browser and any device
access on mobile devices
technical support available for every user 24/7
Simple document management
Upload your documents, assign access permissions and share. Fast and easy.
drag&drop upload
access rights managed at the upload stage
automatic file numeration
possibility to upload files in any format (office, pdf, jpg, mp4, dwg, dwf, others)
File protection
available only in VDR
Disable view, print, save on pdf files, apply dynamic watermarks.
3-level file permission model, enabling to deny such access rights as file viewing, saving or printing
encrypted connection when viewing files
native file viewer and uploader
dynamic watermarks on documents, enabling to identify the user
protection against Print screens
read-only PDF documents
protection against selecting and copying a piece of text
documents are being viewed on user’s computer (not downloaded), which means that viewing history is not being saved in user’s computer cache
Protection against modification of Excels
Secure your excel files with guarantee that their content will not be modified or copied.
protection against files modification and content copying
possibility to see the formulas
Flexible users rights management
Full flexibility thanks to elimination of predefined roles.
permissions granted per group of users
possibility to grant individual rights for selected users
ability to change access rights during the process
possibility to deny the access for users or groups for specific time
Mass operations
Speed of use thanks to mass operations.
upload of whole document structure (Bulk Upload)
possibility to download the entire index (Bulk Download)
Bulk creation of users’ accounts
possibility to ‘copy the group’ and grant identical access rights for selected groups
Pleasant work with documents
Streamline your work with filters, group discussions, notifications about new files.
access files using 2 transparent views – Document Structure and Document List
automatic notification about new files
marking unread files
group discussions on specific documents or folders
individual filters
private notes
Advanced activity reports
Follow the progress, control the process, discover true intentions of your prospective partners
Users Activity
  • shows who is viewing files, which documents and for how long
Users logins
  • shows when users are logging in to the system and for how long
Popular documents
  • shows what are the most/least popular documents or folders or which documents were not viewed by users at all
Communication module, so-called Q&A
Provide secure and controlled communication with the other party of the process.

It enables easy management of a large number of questions from potential partners e.g. investors.

guaranteed confidentiality of the discussion
several configuration models
possibility to assign one of 5 roles to users: administrator – moderator, subject matter expert, observer, partner – coordinator, user)
features that help you manage a large number of questions, e.g.: filters questions, automatic status, limits of questions, o question types e.g. Financial, Legal
Advanced search options
Provide tools to search for files or key phrases within documents.
searching for documents by name
Full Text Search – searching for a word/phrase within documents without having to open them
What distinguishes VDR among other document exchange systems?
Security standards on electronic banking level
Possibility to deny such access rights as file saving or printing
Dynamic watermarks protecting documents
‘Read-only’ pdfs
Q&A module, enabling secure and confidential communication
Protection against modification of Excels
Technical support and a dedicated Project Manager
Encrypted DVD with Data Room contents at the end of the project
Customer Service Department 24/7 support (documents upload and Data Room management on behalf of the client)
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