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Controlling-Online sp. z o.o.

„The project has been carried out smoothly and in a professional way. I recommend this cutting-edge solution for everybody who is planning to provide access to the corporate document to another party.”

Bartłomiej Śliwiński
CEO, Controlling-Online sp. z o.o.

„First of all, I liked the presentation of the folder structure and look and feel of the whole application. Everything is clear and user-friendly. There are no extra and unnecessary elements  distracting my attention. Interface colouring has been very carefully and effectively chosen i.e. there are no flashy, gaudy or eye irritating objects. Another advantage is that once a document is read, its title is no longer printed 'in bold’ which makes the work over complex document index very easy. I also liked the possibility to sort the documents by date and time of the upload as well as adding them to 'favourites’ folder.”

Agata Nocuń
Tomasik Chabasiewicz i Wspólnicy sp.k.

Bartłomiej Śliwiński Prezes Controlling-Online sp. z o.o.